Discos reject 2,495.3MW in one week – Report

A total of 2,495.3 megawatts of electricity was not utilised nor distributed by power distribution companies in one week, despite the demand for electricity nationwide, industry data obtained from the Federal Government’s power company on Sunday showed.

In the Transmission Company of Nigeria’s latest report on national grid performance: TCN-Discos Interface from April 2 to April 8, 2022, the government-owned firm revealed that some Discos failed to utilise over 2,400MW of electricity during the period despite the fact that they were nominated for the electricity load.

Although the report indicated that some Discos took and distributed excess load than they nominated for during the review week, it was observed that others failed to distribute a huge quantum of electricity daily, amidst the low supply across the country.

The report showed the maximum load nomination by each Disco, their approved Multi-Year Tariff Order allocation, their actual consumption, the quantum of unutilised load by some of them, as well as the excess load taken by others.


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