Electricity: Anger, confusion over frequent system collapse

Nigeriansat the weekend, expressed their displeasure over the nation’s deteriorating power infrastructure after electricity transmission grid collapse left millions in  darkness. It was the fourth of such incidents in year 2022.

With the inability of the managers of the transmission system to restore power supply to most parts of the country affected by the outage in over four days, consumers including  households, industries and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have blamed the government for being responsible for the problem.

They argued that the frequent system collapse was negative   impacting their operations, especially in the face of rising Diesel price at over N600 per litre.

Speaking to Daily Sun in a telephone interview yesterday, former Minister of Power, Prof Barth Nnaji, said the frequent system collapse has become a national embarrassment.

He noted that electricity generation of less than 7,000MW for a population of over  over 200 million was grossly inadequate.


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