Power Generation Crashes By 903MW, National Grid Crisis persists

The latest figures on Nigeria’s power grid performance released on Tuesday showed that the quantum of electricity generated on the grid had continued to fluctuate, as it fell by 903 megawatts on Monday, April 18, 2022.

Nigeria’s electricity grid has been characterised by some sort of instability lately, witnessing about four different grid collapses in less than two months.

A document on the country’s 24-hour grid performance, obtained from the Federal Ministry of Power in Abuja on Tuesday, showed that the fluctuation of electricity generated on the grid had yet to abate.

It was observed that while peak power generation on the grid at 22.00 hours on April 17, 2022 was 3,829.7MW, it crashed to 2,926.8MW at 03.00 hours the next day.


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