Power Generation Drops As Vandals Ground 504MW Plant

The Niger Delta Power Holding Company on Monday announced the shutdown of its 504 megawatts Alaoji Power Plant following the vandalism of a part of the Northern Option Pipeline that supplies gas to the power plant.

The NDPHC announced this after TotalEnergies Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited declared a force majeure resulting from its NOPL line vandalism at KP41 on January 7, 2022.

The shutdown of the plant reduced power generation on the national grid, as TotalEnergies in a letter to the NDPHC explained that it could not supply gas to the 504MW plant due to the vandalism of its gas pipeline.

The letter, according to a statement from the NDPHC, read in part, “NOPL pipeline was vandalised on January 7, 2022 at KP41 Alaoma Etche Cluster.

“The line block valve at KP38 was closed to isolate the sabotage point and depressurisation of the line, this will affect gas supply to Alaoji Power Plant until further notice.”

TotalEnergies added, “Gas supply to Alaoji Power Plant was suspended due to this unfortunate event. Preliminary investigation to determine the extent of the damage is ongoing and repair works shall commence as soon as feasible.”

Reacting to the letter from TotalEnergies, the NDPHC had to announce the shutdown of its 504MW Alaoji Power Plant, stressing that the facility was put off on January 7, 2022.


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