Sovereign Trust Insurance plc proposes right issue.

Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc: Proposed Rights Issue of 4,170,411,648 Ordinary Shares of N0.50 each at N0.50 Per Share on the Basis of One (1) New Ordinary Share for Every Two (2) Ordinary Shares Held Further to our Market Bulletin of 15 January 2019, with reference number: NSE/RD/LRD/MB06/19/1/15, Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc Rights Issue of Four Billion, One Hundred and Seventy Million, Four Hundred and Eleven Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty Eight (4,170,411,648) ordinary shares of N0.50 each at N0.50 per share on the basis of one (1) new ordinary share for every two (2) ordinary shares held as at 15 January 2019, has opened for subscription as shown below:

Acceptance list opened: Acceptance list closes: Monday, 24 June 2019 Wednesday, 31 July 2019


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