6,205 died in 2021 road crashes – NBS report

No fewer than 6,205 persons died in road accidents in 2021.

The National Bureau of Statistics data have shown

The NBS in its Road Transport Data reports showed that on a quarterly basis, road accidents killed a total of 1,668 people in Q1 2021; 1,453 persons in Q2; 1,432 persons in Q3; and 1,652 people in Q4.

The report also revealed that a total of 13,027 road crashes occurred during the year.

In its half-year report, the bureau said that 3,301 road accident cases were recorded in Q1, representing a 0.36 per cent decline from the 3,313 cases recorded in the previous quarter, while 3,185 cases were documented in Q2, showing a 3.51 per cent decrease quarter-on-quarter.

The NBS added that the observed decline showed improvement in road safety during the first six months of 2021.


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