Abuja-Kaduna train records low passenger turnout

Amid tight security on the Abuja-Kaduna rail corridor, there was very low passenger turnout on Monday.

The PUNCH had reported that upon resumption of the train operations on Monday, there were heavily armed security personnel at Idu train station.

A passenger and Former Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National Open University Abuja, Prof Ganiyat Adesina-Uthman, said she had an awesome experience travelling to Kaduna with the train, noting that she enjoyed the fully air-conditioned coaches. She also confirmed that security officers paraded the moving train.

She said passengers had to scan barcodes on the ticket machines before being allowed to board.

Now, we have the e- ticket. They use a machine to check instead of collecting hard paper and stamping it. They use the machine to check the barcode to confirm that you are the owner of the ticket. It was an awesome experience and I think it’s a step forward.”

Speaking on passenger safety, she said there were no fears at all, adding that she slept during the trip.

She added,” I had to wake up very early. My vehicle and the people that brought me were the first that got to the rail station this morning to observe what was happening. They said there were military men and some police officers at the station.”


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