Access Bank Introduces W Hotline

The W initiative of Access Bank remains the pioneer women market program in Africa with a focus on creating bespoke financial and lifestyle solutions to suit the dynamic needs of women across its focus segments.

To further reiterate the bank’s commitment to women, the W initiative has introduced the W hotline on +234 1 227 3005. This line is a dedicated customer service helpline created to give women quick and direct access to information on all W offerings including the W Power Loan, Maternal Health Service Support, Business Support Service, Capacity Building workshops, Networking events and lots more.

Following the merger, the bank now caters to 31 million customers with a large portion of its customer base being female. In order to ensure that no woman is left out, the W hotline was created as a targeted approach to cater to enquiries revolving around the W initiative;

Speaking on Access Bank’s dedication to cater to the Women’s Market across Africa, Victor Etuokwu, Executive Director, Retail Banking at Access Bank Plc said “At Access Bank, we consistently focus on improving customer experience and forestalling any form of dissatisfaction for our customers. Hence, the adoption of the W hotline to ensure women get information that can help them access financial and non-financial services seamlessly.

Etuokwu continued, “The W Hotline is the first of its kind in the industry, dedicated to provide support for women across our focus segments. The hotline is managed by trained and qualified gender specialists who are solely tasked to attend to W enquiries.

Access Bank has an unflinching commitment to empower women and contribute immensely to the growth of the women market in Nigeria and beyond for accelerated social and economic growth.


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