Egypt releases report on working towards SDGs through ‘Decent Life’ initiative

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The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development released Thursday a summary of a report it prepared on the progress of Decent Life initiative implementation.

Minister Hala El-Said pointed out to the inclusion of the initiative among the best practices and accelerators of the sustainable development goals on the United Nations platform due to its size and importance in achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The initiative also garnered applause from all development institutions on the regional and international levels as one of the largest developmental projects in the world, targeting approximately 58 million citizens.

The report indicated that the budget spent until Decent Life’s launching in 2021 amounted to LE 100 billion, and that were directed to the sectors of drinking water and sanitation services, electricity, health, educational and residential services, roads and bridges, rehabilitation and lining of canals.

Minister Said underlined that the presidential initiative “Decent Life”, which is one of the most important national projects, aims to improve the standard of living in the Egyptian countryside, by reducing poverty and unemployment rates and improving the general quality of life for citizens. That is because the initiative aims to reach all rural areas, representing 58 percent of Egypt’s population, over three years.

The assessment process, adopted by the report, used the same parameters as those fostered by the United Nations to evaluate countries’ performance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


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