Indian rice exporters to Fed Govt: Extend export ban deadline

Indian rice exporters have urged the Federal Government to extend the export ban deadline as their stocks are still queuing at several ports waiting to be exported.

The exporters are discontented as uncertainty looms large as to whether they will be able to send their consignments amid a government ban on rice export.

They said the Federal Government should have given them ample time, allowing the export of those consignments which had already been booked from the agriculture fields and were lying in warehouses for shipment.

Senior Executive Director, All India Rice Exporters Association, Vinod Kaul said the estimated losses to be suffered by rice exporters due to the export ban is around 60 billion Indian Rupees ($736 million).

The ban that took effect on September 9 on rice exports, particularly broken rice, is intended to address a shortage in the domestic market as less rice production is expected in the coming season.

Initially, the Federal Government had given the deadline of September 15 for clearing stocks of rice lying at the ports for export.

On September 21, the deadline was extended till this month end.


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