Internet Subscribers Fall by 10.9 million over NIN-SIM linkage, others

The total number of Internet subscribers in Nigeria has dropped by 10.9 million in 11 months, according to the latest industry data obtained from the Nigerian Communications Commission.

The NCC data showed that the total number of Internet subscribers fell to 140.4 million in November 2021, from 151.3 million in January 2021.

According to the NCC, mobile data subscriptions have the largest share, while fixed-wired subscriptions and voiceover Internet protocol subscriptions contribute negligible numbers to the Internet connection.

The total number of mobile data subscribers declined to 140.1 million in November 2021 from 150.9 million in January 2021, showing a difference of 10.8 million subscribers.

Fixed wired had 11,545 subscribers in January 2021, and increased to 12,299 subscribers in November 2021; VoIP had 387,169 subscribers in January 2021 and dropped to 339,427 in November 2021.

The data showed that most Internet subscribers opted more for mobile data subscriptions than any other type of Internet subscription in the country.

In the period under review, MTN had the largest number of mobile subscribers, and also witnessed the biggest loss of data subscribers.


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