NCAA Meets FAAN As re-certification of Lagos, Abuja airports Begins

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has begun the recertification of the Lagos and Abuja airports, the Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Captain Nuhu Musa, has said.

As a result, he said inspectors of the regulatory agencies had begun a series of regular meetings with the official of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria with a view to ensuring that open items discovered are closed.

Musa disclosed that technical inspections of the airports were done last year to ascertain some identified gaps and that action plans were expected to be developed.

According to him, the NCAA is expected to carry out a review as soon as a report of the technical inspections is submitted

He spoke during an interview in Lagos.

The NCAA boss said, “For the certifications and re-certifications, technical inspections took place at the end of last year to confirm the gaps there (in the airports), and action plans are being developed. Once a report has been submitted to the NCAA, we will review that. For those that are okay, we will go ahead with it (recertify); and for those that are not okay, we’ll return the report with comments on what needs to be done


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