Nigeria, China volume of trade hits 55% in five years

The partnership between the Nigerian and Chinese government has blossomed over the years as the volume of trade between both countries has hit 55% on both sides.

Confirming this development in a chat with our correspondent on Friday, the National President, Made in China Goods Association of Nigeria, Adigun Samuel said, “Most infrastructural facilities such as refinery building, railway line and roads construction are done by the Chinese companies in Nigeria. The Nigeria students as we know enjoy quality time and academic experience in china.”

Expatiating, he said, “In view of the good relationship Nigeria has had with China, we are using this medium to appeal to the Chinese embassy to grant visa request to traders who wish to attend the China import and Export trade fair in Guangzou from 15 October to 5 November 2019. This will further build confidence in the relationship between the two countries and expose our traders to new Chinese goods, products and technology.”

The Association, according to its promoter, is a sole entity of traders, business individuals and students entrepreneurs who believe in trade and investment, commercial activities in buying and selling and importation of all Chinese goods that are healthy for use and application at home.

“We hereby employ the general public to continue to patronize made in china goods so that the economic benefits will equate to the other, while we will not relent to also take Nigerian goods; fabrics and textiles, agricultural products etc to china. We believe that made in china goods are carefully processed and diligently delivered to meet global standard and compete favorably in the open market.”

Adigun said there is no gainsaying that china is one of the largest economy in the world, the contention and complex disparity about the quality of china goods are not founded has we have texted and confirm the durability and quality of texture of Chinese products.


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