Nigeria record 15.02% increase in export in Q’3 2019.

Nigeria has recorded an exponential growth of 15.02 percent in export in the last quarter of 2019, as against 8.97 recorded in Q’3, 2018.

A report recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, on import and export values, revealed that the value of total exports in Q’3 2019 increased by 15.02 as against the 8.97 percent value recorded in Q’3 2018.

The report further showed that the value of manufactured goods exported increased by 839.44 percent in Q’3 2019 surpassing the Q’3 2018 value.

The notable increase recorded was due to the re-exports of high value Cable Sheaths of Iron, as well as submersible drilling platform, vessels and other floating structures.

The report also showed that the value of raw material goods exported in Q’3 2019 decreased by 5.74 percent in Q’3 2019 as against 8.84 percent recorded in Q’3 2018.


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