NIN Registration Hits 80.7 Million After 19 Days SIM Ban

The Nigeria Identity Management Commission has issued 80.7 million National Identification Numbers, exactly 19 days after the agency deactivated about 72 million telecommunication subscribers for failing to comply with the Federal Government’s NIN-Subscriber Identity Module policy.

The data on NIMC’s portal showed that the number of issued NINs hit 80.7 million on April 23, 2022, about 19 days after the Federal Government ordered telecom companies to bar outgoing calls from subscribers that had not linked their NINs to their SIMs.

The commission’s portal registrations showed a 4.67 per cent increase in issued NINs from 77.1 million as of March 21, 2022, to 80.7 million as of April 23, 2022.

According to a breakdown of the data, about 20.56 million NINs have been issued in the North-Western part of the nation; 20.23 million in the South-West; 13.59 million in the North-Central, 9.96 million in the North-East, 9.34 million in the South-South, and 6.87 million in the South-East.


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