Millions Lost As Fire Razes Lagos plank market

Shop owners were drenched in tears after a fire ripped through the plank market at Ifelodun planks and building materials, Owo street, Agege, Markaz in Agege, Lagos from Friday night till Saturday morning.

Shocking footages posted on social media by residents show the fire spiraling high as a huge cloud of thick black smoke plumed into the night sky.

Lagos State Fire service moved into the environment to put out the fire.

Men of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) and the Policemen from Pen Cinema maned the environment to stop miscreants from ransacking the market.

As of the time of filing this report, it is not yet known how the fire started.

But it has so far burnt down the market, and over ten cars.

Source’s said the fire started around 11:30 pm on Friday.

Before the arrival of the fire servicemen, residents mobilised to put off the fire.

Some residents evacuated their belongings in case the fire escalates.

One resident wrote on his WhatsApp status: “There is a fire outbreak in Iso-Pako (Plank market) right now. We don’t know the cause yet. It was the noise of the people that woke me up and now we are trying to put it off,”

A resident who spoke with The Nation said: “The fire was much and till now, we cannot say this is the cause. People living in the environment tried their best even before the arrival of fire servicemen but everywhere was burnt down.

“About ten cars were also affected and as you can see, the fire servicemen are coming in now but cannot do it all alone.

“All we can do right now is to pray for the owners of the plank market because the damage is much,”

A source, who claimed anonymity, said some shop owners have offloaded goods worth over N200, 000, 000 yesterday.

“One of the shop owners offloaded some containers of goods yesterday worth over ₦120, 000, 000 and everything is gone.

” Other shop owners offloaded goods worth N50, 000, 000 and some with hundreds of thousands of Naira. As you can see, they are all crying and helpless.”

After the fire subsided, scavengers were seen carting away the remains from the fire while the shop owners watch them.

All efforts to speak with the market leaders and the shop owners proved abortive as the reconstruction of the plank market has begun.


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