Don’t go near Alaafin’s wives – Chief Ifayẹmi warns

Chief Ifayẹmi Ẹlẹbuibọn has warns men vying for the late king’s wife not to do so

Baba Araba of Oṣogbo Chief Ifayẹmi futher said if the women are not interested in the new king, they are free to leave after all necessary rites.

Chief Ifayẹmi stated this in a recent interview with BBC Yoruba as he urges men that are interested in the late king’s wife to be patient.

According to him, the wives are still mourning. He said they can only be available after they come out from mourning the late king and most imporatantly, until all rites are performed on them. He said the late king’s wives are free to marry whomever they want want but, it will come after all these rites are done.

After the Alaafin’s prestige has been removed from them. However, he added that the wives are left behind for the next king. If the new king desires, he will continue as their husband.

“Kings will always leave queens in the palace after their passing,” he said. Going further, he said that presently, no one must go near the king’s wives.


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