Group calls for re-run election in Imo State.

The movement of the advancement of democracy in Nigeria and Cadrell Advocacy centre have called on the Supreme Court to order INEC to conduct another election for the two main candidates to the Governorship seat in Imo State To save the constitutional democracy from public ridicule and opprobrium as currently seen with the international condemnation that greeted the judgement.

The group at a press briefing on Sunday in Lagos said their position is borne out of the fact that a void act is a non- event.

Consequently it can never be too late to declare a void act a nullity and to have it set aside. ”

We are of the firm view that to save our constitutional democracy from this unprecedented precedent of declaring someone a Governor with just two local governments where such a candidate secured 25% of votes in less than the Constitutionality required threshold, the SC should as a matter necessity set aside that judgement on the ground that the judgement itself is a nullity, having not satisfied the clear provisions of the constitution which renders the Hope Uzodima government unconstitutional.”


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