Trump undergoes medical examination

US President Donald Trump, at the weekend, was at Walter Reed National Medical Center for medical tests, his ninth visit to the hospital since taking office.

CNBC reports that the appointment wasn’t made public although the businessman’s 2018 and February 2019 physicals appeared on his public schedule.

Press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, said Trump, 73, was “anticipating a very busy 2020” and took advantage of a free time Washington to fulfill his annual routine checkup.

She did not specify which tests her boss had received but disclosed that the president had “a quick exam and labs”.

“The President remains healthy and energetic without complaints, as demonstrated by his repeated vigorous rally performances in front of thousands of Americans several times a week,” she said.

“He visited with medical staff to share his thanks for all the outstanding care they provide to our Wounded Warriors, and wish them an early happy Thanksgiving,” Grisham added.

Trump’s last checkup was supervised by Dr. Sean P. Conley and involved a panel of 11 specialists.

Results then showed that Trump weighed 243 pounds — up seven pounds from September 2016, before he became president.

At 6 feet, 3 inches tall, his weight passed the official mark for being considered obese, with a Body Mass Index of 30.4.

Trump reportedly doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke, but enjoys fast food, steaks and desserts. His primary form of exercise is golf.


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