UEFA cuts VAR’s review time to 1min 30 seconds

UEFA said it has shaved 15 seconds off the average time it takes for the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system to correct a decision in its Champions League this season.

It said the average is now down to one minute 30 seconds.

The head of UEFA’s referees’ committee, Roberto Rosetti, said he was very happy with the way the technology had been used in the competition.

But he stressed that it was only for “clear and obvious” mistakes.

UEFA said that in 108 playoff round and group stage matches so far, 27 decisions had been corrected by the VAR system, an average of one every four games.

“This shows the quality of the referees’ performances,” said Rosetti.

“In addition, we feel that the time taken to overturn a decision is important. So far this season, the average time for the correction of a decision has been one minute 30 seconds —- 15 seconds less than last season.”

The use of VAR in some domestic leagues, particularly England’s Premier League, has been widely criticised.

This has come with suggestions that the video officials in some countries now have more power than those on the pitch.


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